Summer vacation to Turkey  -   August 2005


 First flight from Amsterdam  Schiphol , leaving at 4:15 ;  almost night . . .



Entrance to "Golden Beach"



Around our appartment

Food lobby ..... Turkish people like sweet things .... 



Deserts and more food the whole day ...

melon art






  Around one of the two big  swimming pools

Amphitheater with daily shows





The  "Henna tatoo" shop

and the boys from the aqua park with our kids



Historic town of  "Side"











 Antalya  with waterfalls,  camels and of course shops, shops and even more shops (bazaar)










Eating real Turkish food



Night show at the pool and fireworks at the theater



Waterslide of the "Aqua Park"



Beach view




Day trip to Manavgat - Waterfalls , shopping , moskee and a boat trip






 Boat trip from Manavgat to the sea side



Stop at sea side


 Heat-up in the warm sea water and cool-down in the river . . . .



Let's go ?


 During a power cut at the park while eating .... 


 we like good food ....



 Even more food pictures - all fresh prepaired




Pool at night


"Les Miserables" show at theater





 Turkish Hamam  - relax for two hours in steam , soap and with massage at the end


Goodbye Turkey ... 


End of a nice trip.

Hope to see Turkey once more

also read our background info




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